Si tafanegeu al quiosc trobareu l’últim “Catalonia Today”, dedicat a destacar els 50 catalans que els estrangers han de conèixer per saber de què va aquest país. Un “who is who in Catalonia” que us recomano, costa 3 € i ajuda a practicar anglès. Els coneixeu a tots? Si us hi fixeu hi ha la signatura d’El Punt en personatges com Nicolàs Mas, “capità de l’USAP i campió del campionat de rugbi francès”. La selecció és interessant i les frases que defineixen cada un d’ells no tenen pèrdua:


José Montilla, “Catalan by choice”

Josep-Lluís Carod Rovira, “working towards a Catalan state”

Ernest Benach, “A politician open to the IT world”

Artur Mas, “Winning elections without reward”

Manuela de Madre, “How hard is it to be a woman in politics?”

Joan Puigcercós, “Leading the call for independence within Europe”

Joan Herrera, “New blood for the green left”

Alícia Sánchez Camacho, “The voice of unionism in Catalonia”

Jordi Pujol, “Modern Catalonia’s father figure”

Pasqual Maragall, “The president of the Estatut”


Mònica Terribas, “A new direction for public television”

Ferran Adrià, “The greatest chef in the world?”

Quim Monzó, “An unconventional man of letters”

Isabel Coixet, “Making films on her own terms”

Jaume Roures, “The man behind Mediapro”

Josep Carreras, “Half a century in the service of opera”

Carme Ruscalleda, “Boasting a constellation of Michellin stars”

Miquel Calçada, “Man and media in perfect harmony”

Najat El Hachmi, “The future of Catalan literature?”

Jaume Sanllorente, “Saving children’s lives in Mumbai”


Anna Veiga, “Present and future of Catalan research”

Valentí Fuster, “At the heart of Catalan medicine”

Joan Ramon Resina, “Our man in Standford”

Montserrat Vendrell, “CEO of the BioRegion of Catalonia”

Joan Guinovart, “Director of the Institute for Research and Biomedicine”

Joan Massagué, “Advanced research in medicine”

Jordi Camí, “Director of Barcelona’s Biomedical Research Park”

Eudald Carbonell, “Exploring the first days of humanity”

Anna Cabré, “In the service of Catalan demographics”

Lina Badimon, “Director of the Cardiovascular Research Center of Barcelona”


Joan Laporta, “Highs and lows of running a national institution”

Josep Guardiola, “The most sucessful coach in Barça’s history”

Pau and Marc Gasol, “Giants both on and off the basketball court”

Jaume Alguersuari, “The young driver in a hurry”

Carles Puyol, “A great captain of a great Barça team”

Nicolàs Mas, “Captain of USAP, winner of the French rugby championship”

Cesc Fàbregas, “A Catalan captain in the Premier League”

Gemma Mengual, “Catalonia’s sporting siren”

Rudy Fernández, “More than one Catalan star shines in the NBA”

Marta Xaragay, “The future of female basketball in Catalonia?”


Isidre Fainé, “Chairman of the Catalan giant, La Caixa”

Josep Oliu, “Surviving the credit crunch”

José Manuel Lara Bosch, “The king of the publishing world”

Antoni Brufau, “From five employees to Repsol YPF chairman”

Kim Faura, “Representing Telefonica in Catalonia”

Leopoldo Rodés, “Putting the ‘busy’ into businessman”

Custo Dalmau, “Putting t-shirt design on the fashion map”

Rosa Oriol, “The soul of Tous fashion group”

Antoni Miró, “A one-man fashion industry”

Miquel A. Torres, “Taking Catalan wines to the world”