From today on there will be no more ‘toros’ in Barcelona. The Monumental was the last ‘bullfighting plaza’ of the city and is closing today. The other plaza, Las Arenas, was transformed in big shopping-centre before the summer. This is a consequence of two facts: a very low interest in bullfighting (we could even say a big anti-bullfighting feeling by a majority of the population); and a new law approved by the Catalan government that forbids the killing of bulls in public, in a fiesta.

In general people here are either happy or very happy with the decision. Although the city has its own local bullfigting fans (as shown in the picture taken from the Spanish public television) and also a strong bullfighting tradition -there used to be a lot of corridas in the 30’s) it is more than true than a majority of locals living today in the city hate the fiesta and are happy to say bye bye to bullfigntings.

The only contradiction is that the law has not banned “correbous”, which are “fiestas” that take place in small villages, in which bulls also suffer cruelty, although they do not end with the killing of the animal. To be coherent with the decision they should also be banned soon.

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