Anna Cabré is a well known teacher of demography at a Catalan University. She spoke last Tuesday at the Ateneu Barcelonès, a private cultural club with 150 years of history, placed in the Gothic area of the city. Around 100 people gathered to hear her answer the question: “How will Catalonia be like from a demographic point of view in 2050?” She explained many interesting questions but I have selected some of them:
– Having new immigrants to fulfill our population needs will be more difficult and expensive for richer countries in year 2050
– Barcelona is a city that attracts the highest and lowest income families. Middle class i expelt to the villages surounding the city
– It is very difficult for mid-paid workers to find a place to live in Barcelona.It is only easier for families that have always been living here and inheritate a place to live.
– Also poorer famlies that work for the richer ones choose Barcelona to live but in exchange of extreme conditions (living 8 persons in small appartments)
– We should rethink economic theories and be in favour of the pro-decreasement theories
– If any region of the world should limit fertility rate to one kid / family that’s Europe and the USA due to our extreme level of consumption

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