There is this discussion in Barcelona on how can supermarkets and shops prommote the increase of recycling. Should we go back to glass and reusable bottles? The benefits for the consummer were clear with glass bottles: if you did not give the bottle back, the drink (call it Coke or Fanta) was a little bit more expensive. This system was 100% replaced and we all now buy everything in plastic or “tetra” recipients that we later through to a container.

I don’t know if we should go back to reusable bottles but in any case we should look at what other countries are doing. Take for example the case of Sweden, look at this picture taken in a supermarket of downtown Stockholm: they allow clients to through plastic and glass recipients into a machine in exchange of a ticket with a discount to buy in the shop. I have not seen such a thing in the supermarkets where I buy in Barcelona, who will be the first to do it?