Noam Chomsky, British Library

I have been following in stream the conference “Propaganda: Power and persuasion” given by professor Noam Chomsky at the British Library. These are some notes I have taken on the topic about Internet and Social Media. Chomsky was interviewed by Jonathan Freedland of The  Guardian. I will publish all my anotations during the week.
“The creation of libraries was a much bigger change in society than the growth of Internet, which in fact is not a great change. The creation of libraries gave people access to a huge amount of material. In comparison Internet is a small change. I am using it all the times, i am not critizising it. But in libraries you may be confident that what you read is serious. On the contrary, in Internet there’s a lot of garbage, it may be a source of dissaction.
“I don’t like social media because they create very supercial relationships. For example, if a kid writes in Facebook: “Today I have an exam” and gets 100 ‘likes’ he may think he has 100 friends, which is not the case”.
“The Internet and Social Media were used to organise protests in Tahrir Square but when it was stopped people met face to face communication and the protest went on and grew”.
Answering a question of someone in the public, Chomsky has added: “The printing press was a huge change; libraries were a major change; the internet from this point of view is a samll change, becayse there is no quality control. Its good that people can say anything they want but it is much less usefull that libraries. Exchange of ideas is good. But we must not exagerate things”.
(please, excuse and correct in the comments my spelling mistakes in English, I just took quick annotations!)

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