Do you read this blog from Barcelona or from elsewhere? If you live in the city you will easily understand what this heart means…

There is a ´battle´over the future of the shops (kiosks) that had been selling animals for decades in La Rambla, the main touristic street in Barcelona and a main one for its dwellers. Selling animals was a tradition that came from the old days, when farmers came to town sell their chickens and cocks to the Boqueria Market. When this became unnecessary becaure people had no place to kill the animals any more and prefered to buy them already dead  in the market, the descendants of the farmers started selling birds and fishes to make kids and some parents happy. But then, some years ago, a law banned any animal shop to show the animals to people walking in the street, they had to keep and show them to potential custimers in an inner space. Usual shops adapted to the new rule (and indeed they are selling more dogs and cats than anytime before) but this smals “kiosks” at Rambla didn’t find the way to adapt and were obligged to change their business.

They are now selling stupid things for tourists and also icecreams which I will not include in the “stupid” part because I like icecreams. However it is still stupid because there were already many icecreams shops around and now everybody is angry. Now the city hall wants to close down these shops, athough the government of the city was responsible for all the process of changing the business activity of these shops. By the way, there are around 12 shops and 6 of them are owned by the same man. Well, well, all this explanation so that you can understand the picture: shop-keepers are happy because 40.000 citizens have given support to them and have signed a letter asking the city hall not to close down these places. To celebrate this support the have printed hearts with the inscription: “Thank you 40.000 times” or as we say in Catalan: “40.000 gràcies”. 

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