Are you a tourist visiting Barcelona? Be welcolme and don’t get angry to locals if you see signs in the street calling against tourists. It is not you, individual tourist, who we hate. We are also tourists: we like to visit London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Thailand and as many international places as possible. But it is true that the affluence of tourists to Barcelona has become so extrem that it is resulting in some changes that we dislike and that should be stopped.

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It is not good for anybody -neither for tourists nor for locals- that the city becomes an Amusement Park. On the other hand, both to buy or to rent an appartment is becoming impossible for people from Barcelona and many citizen are finding it impossible to stay in the Catalan capital. This increase is due to speculators that buy buildings to rent them to touristis. This model of city is completely unsustainable and should be changed. 3000 people demonstrated yesterday in the area of Sant Antoni to protest against this reality and to express that “Barcelona is not on sale”.