My generation (1971) has seen the (re?)introduction of bycicles in Barcelona for day-to-day use. Many people, standard people (not just echologysts as happened in the past) use bycicle to go work, to go home, to see friends, to move around the city. As you may know, in the past years Barcelona has improve its network of bike paths. And as bycicles become a standard  mean of transport, fines to cyclists are also becoming usual. Many people where desiring it, and some journalists were asking it to happen. I agree that fines must also apply to cyclists but I disagree in the way they are being applied. As a usual city cyclist I see everyday people breaking basic rules, and they are seldom fined. On the contrary,I have seen local police fining easy-to-fine middle age people for minor circumstances. In my opinion, city authorities are missing a clear an efficient fine-strategy for bycicles and this is a pitty for the future of bycicles in Barcelona because a clear and efficient regulation that avoids conflicts in their circulation is needed.