Poblenou Monocle Forecast

Poblenou (Barcelona) is one of the 3 places to be in the world during 2015, according to Forecast, a new publication of the Monocle Magazine that talks about tendencies for the year to come. Or as they put it, “the 3 places I would be happy to call home for years to come”. Journalist Liam Aldous says that Poblenou has all the right urban elements: “Solid transport links, promising properties, green spaces, even a metropolitan beach.”. And he adds: “Yet it wasn’t until a range of small-scale businesses moved in and banded together to forge a sense of community that the area became truly liveable”. On the other hand, the article talks about the feelings of new comers about the Catalan independence movement: “There is a prevailing life-must-go-on attitude”.

(And wow, what a debatable sentence to start the article: “One generation’s loss is another’s gain as the rejuvenation of industrial Poblenou gathers pace”)