Around 20 protesters have demonstrated downtown Barcelona against the project called Eurovegas, a big casino resort prommoted by Sheldon Andelson, a billionaire, who has decided to build it in Madrid.

In general, people are happy in Catalonia that this resort is not going to be build at the preserved ecological area near Barcelona where Mr. Andelson was planning to place it. Instead, Catalan Government is plannig a similar resort near Port Aventura, an amusement park near Barcelona (in Tarragona) that was installed there as an alternative to Disney -when Disney choosed Paris instead of Tarragona.

“They are commiting the same mistake as Disney did 20 years ago”, has declared Gonzalo Bernardos, a well-known local Economist, meaning that if Disney had chosen Tarragona their amusement park would have been more successful and profitable than in Paris, thanks to the good climatic conditions of the region.