Susan Wojcicki Google Wired


I just heard a very interesting radio interview at NPR-KQED Forum program to Susan Wojcicki, senior vice president in charge of product management and engineering at Google. I am reproducing here some of the most interesting things she answered to Dave Iverson:

– How can users trust Google products in the cloud when they see that, for example, Google has decided to cancel Google Reader without any explanation?

– Google Reader is a product that had really loyal following, they used it a lot. But it was not a growing product. We also saw that there were a lot of substitutes in the market place, and a lot of other places where people could go. We understand how important it is for people the information that they stored there, but if there are substitute products and we are not growing, we might move it to other places.

– How can users put their trust in Google?

– I do think that users… all my email and my contacts are in my gmail, Google understands that these tools are really important, but we think that Reader was a little bit different than other products where users are putting a lot of their information.

– How decisions such as this one?

– We try to be as transparent as possible about the decisions we are making but the reality is that there are a lot of changes taking place in the industry. We take users very, very seriously: we try to understand how they are using our produts, our own employees are giving us feedback of the way they are using them.

– Will newspapers find someday the way to make their live on digital advertising?

– Newspapers are moving to digital, they are becoming very sofisticated in their online advertising, and I think that they will figure it out, and we will figure it out together, we will supply them the tecnology and more and more dollars are going to come from digitial. Basically we are in this transition where users have moved but not all the dollars have moved. Newspapers and all the traditional media are in the middle of that transition where their users have moved to digital but advertisers have not made that transition that fast.

– Which rol will play online advertising in the future of digital contents?

– Online advertising has to be what enables content across the Internet to be able to create revenue. You look at tablets and tablets offer really amazing interactive types of experiences. We are really at the beginning. That is what makes me that excited about my job, there are a lot of businesess counting on making sure that we figure this out and that we get the dollars to move.

(Link to KQED’s interview to Susan Wojcicki)