If you are willing to eat a good hamburger at an original place in Barcelona, I recommend you to go to bar Ocaña at plaça Reial. It takes the name after Ocaña, at the time a young man from Andalusia that came to live in Barcelona, at plaça Reial, to come out as a gay and trans. He represents the underground movement of the 70’s and early 80’s. He died young in an stupid fire accident during a visit to his village. 30 years lates the Ocaña bar has recovered his spirit and offers one of the best places to sit and understand Barcelona while eating of dancing. The Ocañas’s hamburger is made of meat from la Boqueria, one of the main markets of Barcelona, at les Rambles, closed to the restaurant. Is you go there tell me how you liked it. By the way, the bar is only lightened with candles.